25 February 2020

One of the significant advantages of the Akyga brand is the unique search engine compatibility of laptop power supplies, which makes it easier to find the right product in a quick and convenient way. Akyga offers the opportunity to make it available to distributors so that brand products can be viewed in a convenient way on their store websites.

The search engine can isolate power supplies in two ways:
  1. By filling out fields related to specific parameters such as: rated voltage, power supply power, current and type of the power supply plug.

  2. Based on the make and model of the laptop for which the power supply is sought.

Using the search engine in each of these two ways allows you to quickly find and choose the right notebook power supplies. At each of the parameters / tabs it is possible to expand the list of available options, which greatly facilitates filling out the form and informs what parameters of power supplies available for sale. This saves the customer time and effort spent on browsing many products on offer and selecting a power supply that meets specific expectations.