Useful materials
  • Universatility  the cable is equipped with two Type 2 connectors, which allow the car to be charged both at EV charging stations throughout Europe and on wallbox chargers
  • Resistance  the device is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage due to falling or pressure
  • Convenience  the adapter cable is 6 meters long
  • Product code AK-EC-09
  • Product type Electric Car Accessory
  • Hole for padlock No
  • Supply voltage 110-250 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Number of phases 1 phase
  • Maximum current 32 A
  • Maximum power 7.2 kW
  • Flame resistance UL94V-0
  • IP Rating IP54
  • Cable length 6 m
  • The cable plug #1 Type2
  • The cable plug #2 Type2
  • Wire gauge 3 x 6 mm2 + 2 x 0.75 mm2
  • Isolation material TPE
  • Material ABS
  • Product color Black, blue
  • Temperature -30 / +50 °C
  • Package Protective bag
  • Product size (L x W x H) 6000 x 150 x 85 mm
  • Package size (L x W x H) 380 x 380 x 100 mm
  • Net weight 3.15 kg
  • Gross weight 3.5 kg
  • CE compatibility Yes
  • FCC compatibility Yes
  • RoHS compatibility Yes
  • REACH compatibility Yes
  • Included accesories AK-AC-02
  • EAN code 5901720136817
  • Warranty 24 months

Charge your electric car wherever you want

Akyga® AK-EC-09 is a single-phase cable equipped with two IEC 62196-2 Type 2 connectors, also known as Mennekes. These are one of the most common connectors at public electric vehicle charging stations. Are you planning on charging away from home? If so, your own cable may be necessary! Currently, not every EVSE point has a built-in cable. In this case you will need your own adapter.

Charging without limits

Type 2

Type 2

Current allowed
32 A

Cable length
6 m

The cable is characterised by its strength and the high quality of the components used. The thick copper wires allow you to charge your car with 32 A and up to 7.2 kW. Therefore, charging an e-car with a 22 kW battery will take approximately 3 hours. What is more, the 6-metre long cable will allow you to connect the car to the charging station freely. Without combining to park as close as possible to the charging station post.

Rubber end caps

When storing or transporting the cable, the contacts are prone to getting snowed on or accidentally damaged. To prevent this, each plug has an attached cap to protect the connectors from damage.  

Highest durability

Fire Resistance

Mechanical strength
10 000 connections

Level of security


This cable is designed to withstand harsh environments. High-quality materials and perfectly fitted construction guarantee long and reliable operation for years. You can be sure that accidentally dropping it or running over it with a car wheel will not end in disaster. What is more, the plugs have an IP54 protection class, so they are not afraid of rain or splashing water. This is one of the most important features of the cable, especially since hardly any public EV charging station is located under a roof.

Comfortable cover

The cable comes with a practical carrying case, which not only makes it easy to store the long cable in the boot, but also provides additional protection against unintentional damage.

Compatible with cars:

  • Audi A3 e-Tron
  • BMW i3
  • BMW i8
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Mercedes B Class E-Celi
  • Mercedes S500 PHEV
  • Mercedes SLS EV
  • Mercedes Vito E-Cell Van
  • Porsche Panamera S PHEV
  • Volkswagen e-Up
  • Volkswagen e-Golf
  • Volvo V60 PHEV