Akyga® AK-SC-E04 plug will be ideal as a replacement for the damaged Type 2 connector. It is characterized by high resistance to drops and pressure caused by accidental driving. What's more, silver plated connectors with increased resistance allow to load the plug with a rated current of 32 A. This makes it possible to use it in both single and three-phase installations. Or are you planning on replacing your old American-made electrician with a new European one? You have a wallbox with a Type 1 connector and need Type 2 (IEC62169-2)? No problem! Just change the plug for a new one!  

Included with the plug is a 220 ohm resistor, which is necessary for proper vehicle charging. Installation should be carried out by a suitably qualified person. Incorrect installation of the connector can cause material damage as well as loss of health or life (e.g. by electric shock). 

  • Product code AK-SC-E04
  • Number of phases 3 phase
  • The cable plug #1 Type2
  • Product size (L x W x H) 220 x 95 x 75 mm
  • Package size (L x W x H) 225 x 100 x 77 mm
  • Net weight 419 g
  • Gross weight 425 g
  • EAN code 5901720136893