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The lithium-polymer battery is a high-quality power source for a wide range of applications. Its nominal voltage is 3.7 V, and capacity is 1950mAh. It has PCM protecting against battery damage by short circuit, excessive discharge or charging. To facilitate the installation of the battery, two 150 mm long cables are lead out of it. The technology used allows for a small battery size, without limiting the freedom to choose the capacity. That is why lithium-polymer batteries from Akyga are ideally suited to power all kinds of portable devices of various sizes and shapes.

The battery is compliant with the following certificates: RoHS, MSDS, CE.

Inappropriate use of the battery can damage them. Before using, read the rules for using lithium polymer batteries.

  • Product code AKY0435
  • Part number LP803759
  • Product type Polymer Li-Ion Battery
  • Capacity 1950mAh
  • Rated voltage 3.7 V
  • Casing 8,0 x 37,0 x 59,0 mm
  • Protection PCM
  • Leads Wires
  • Thickness 8,0 mm
  • Width 37,0 mm
  • Height 59,0 mm
  • Connector type None
  • Connector part number None
  • CE compatibility Yes
  • MSDS compatibility Yes
  • RoHS compatibility Yes