Lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries are a high-efficiency energy source that can be used in most devices. They consist of lithium metallic alloys and conductive polymers. Thanks to the latter, the battery cells are thin and flexible, which gives freedom when designing power supply for portable devices.


  • Robotics and remote controlled divices
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive equipmen
  • Measuring devices
  • Power supply
  • Consumer electronics
  • GPS System
  • Communication


  • High current efficiency
  • No memory effect
  • Good value of the dimensions and capacity of the cel
  • High flexibility in the design of shapes and sizes
  • High-quality safety PCM circuit, controls processes of charging and discharging
  • Easy to install - with a leads in the form of wires and special connector
  • No electrolyte, carbon materials. Batteries environmentally friendly
  • Slow spontaneous discharge cells


Are lithium polymer batteries safe?

Choosing lithium polymer batteries from Akyga Batteries range you get a reliable and safe solution. Batteries include the high quality modules protecting against overcharging, over-discharging and short circuit.


Where can I use lithium polymer batteries?

Thanks to their flexibility (customized size and capacity) Akyga batteries are commonly used in varied applications such as RC models, customer electronics, GPS, medical devices, measuring equipment.


Can I combine them into packages?

Yes, lithium polymer batteries can be combined in series or in parallel packages thus increasing their voltage or capacity.


Akyga's extensive range includes rechargeable batteries in various configurations with a capacity from 30 mAh to 10,000 mAh and voltages from 3.7 V to 7.4 V.