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The product is no longer available

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Akyga® AK-CH-12 is a wall charger for phones and tablets. Are you planning a trip and want to reduce your luggage size to a minimum? The AK-CH-12 power adapter is an ideal device for anyone who wants a universal and lightweight solution at the same time. The charger does not have a built-in cable, instead there are a USB-C PD and USB-A socket at the top. This allows you to easily adjust the length of the USB cable and the connector to individual needs. At the same time, we are not limited by the older connector standard. This is great news for those who want to power both newer and older generation devices with a single charger. Thanks to this, owners of newer devices can take advantage of QuickCharge 3.0 fast charging and increased power up to 18 W, while Power Delivery function adapts power parameters to the connected device. In this way, the voltage oscillates between 5 and 12 V and the current between 1.5 and 3 A

  • Product code AK-CH-12
  • Product type AC/DC adapter
  • Series Universal
  • Supply voltage 110-240 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption < 0.3 A
  • Maximum power 18 W
  • Mechanical switch None
  • Ground wire None (II protection class)
  • OVP Yes
  • OCP Yes
  • OTP Yes
  • SCP Yes
  • USB-C output voltage 5 V / 3 A, 9 V / 2 A, 12 V / 1.5 A (QC 18 W)
  • Compliance with DCP (Dedicated Charging Port) Yes
  • Material ABS
  • Product color White
  • Display None
  • MTBF 100000 h
  • Temperature 5 - 50 °C
  • Package EcoBox
  • Product size (L x W x H) 26 x 44 x 82 mm
  • Package size (L x W x H) 150 x 86 x 37 mm
  • Net weight 105 g
  • Gross weight 190 g
  • CE compatibility Yes
  • FCC compatibility Yes
  • RoHS compatibility Yes
  • REACH compatibility Yes
  • EAN code 5901720137111
  • Warranty 24 months