For the first time the Akyga trademark was used in 2004 during the LCD monitors production in cooperation with our Korean partner. Monitors were characterized by high parameters and received a lot of positive reviews, however, production of those series did not last long enough for the monitors to settle on the European market. At the same time Akyga’s computer accessories such as keyboards, mouse devices, card readers and HDD enclosures started to gain popularity.

Since 2007 Akyga began to dynamically expand its product range. DDR-2 Memory Modules were introduced to the market, initially in 256MB and 512MB capacity versions. An important event was the appearance of the ATX power supplies, which in a short period of time established very strong market position.
Three years later, in 2010, Akyga proposed new product group of computer cases. Innovative and modern design combined with functionality and diversification of models - became the theme of neatly controlled production process of our goods. Computer cases has been extremely successful on the European market, which resulted in an expansion of the regular company’s offer by Midi ATX, Gamer ATX and Mini ITX models.
The dynamic development of the company gained even more momentum when, in just a year after the success of computer cases Akyga introduced ATX power supplies. Power supplies of each of the series (Basic, Pro and Ultimate) correctly fulfilled the requirements of a wide range of PC devices. In subsequent years other important groups of products have joined the offer, such as AV cables, USB cables and also surge protector-equipped power bars. The offer of ATX/ITX solutions was systematically upgraded, which resulted in a further strengthening of the Akyga brand on the European market.

Development direction resulted in clarification of brand main mission which is largely based on providing professional solutions in consumer and computers electronics field. Our mission became even more significant after expanding the offer again in 2013 by a wide range of power adapters for laptops, tablets and other mobile devices, which is continued ever since. At the same time, the existing portfolio was constantly extended by, among others, many ATX/ITX accessories and USB adapters. With the beginning of 2015 Akyga offered a new group of uninterruptible power supply UPS units and the first models of power-banks.