Peripheral power supplying in the computer

Without a stable and secure power supply, free use of a desktop computer is virtually impossible. In addition to the standard PC power cable, internal power wires are often required. They are used to connect the power supply with peripheral devices. Akyga® brand has a wide selection of internal signal wires and power cables with different parameters.

Internal power cables

When building your own desktop computer, it is extremely important to choose the right class ATX power supply and cables for connecting among others motherboard and fans. Akyga® offers high quality extension cables and adapters with MOLEX 4-pin, SATA 15-pin, PCI-E 6 and 8-pin connectors as well as dedicated adapters for Lenovo IdeaCentre computers. The splitters allow you to install additional devices inside the computer case. Long cables make it easier to assemble your own PC especially in large ATX cases. While the adapters allow you to configure and create a device perfectly matching to your needs. Convenient and compact adapters allow you to change the socket type, e.g. from MOLEX to SATA. This in turn makes it possible to connect further components, such as hard disk cards or SSDs. Internal power cords can also be a great solution when you need more sockets or connectors of a particular type than are offered by the hardware manufacturer.