Akyga is a brand that has set out to provide a wide and professional offer of high quality products in the field of power supply and development of consumer electronics. Many years of presence on the Polish and foreign market have resulted in gaining experience that has allowed to gradually optimize and improve the brand's products. Currently, the offer range includes, among others, high-efficiency power supplies and professional computer accessories. Following the development of technology, Akyga is constantly expanding its offer, which also includes high-class equipment for charging various types of electric vehicles. The company is growing rapidly, adapting to the latest technological solutions. Akyga products are  characterized by simplicity, elegance and high quality that strengthen its market position.

The brand's website features a unique Notebook power adapter search engine which significantly facilitates browsing the offer in terms of specific parameters. It allows a customer to quickly and conveniently find a product that meets his requirements.

Why Akyga?

• Usage of the latest technology,
• Attractive prices for highest quality products,
• Combination of the functionality of each product with the original style and aesthetics,
• The guarantee of reliable performance due to rigorous quality control at each stage of production,
• Fast and efficient service,
• Continuous expansion of the company's new products offer,
• Care for the environment.

An important part of the company's development is acting in the thought of pro-ecological solutions. For this purpose, an internal GreenAkyga concept has been created, which supports the development of the brand, taking into account an important aspect of environmental protection. All products, if possible, are shipped in standardized EcoBox or UniBag packaging. We have eliminated unnecessarily lacquered, colourful packaging and limited the amount of plastic bags and films to the necessary minimum. The overprints on the cartons are made with ecological ink, and universal product boxes are made of biodegradable, brown cardboard. The whole thing is always crowned with a simple and pleasing to the eye label, which clearly shows the appearance of the packaged product and its most important parameters. Unification of packaging also allows for easy identification of brand products.

it is GreenAkyga's philosophy