Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and professional offer in consumer and computers electronics field. Many years of market presence has allowed us to gain experience through which we can now perform our mission by providing products of the highest quality. We constantly take care of continuous offer development so Akyga can become synonymous with creative following the development of digital and multimedia technology. At the moment our product portfolio contains about 420 items in over 20 product groups. Brand Akyga is also currently one of the fastest growing brands on the power supplies and computer cases market in Europe.

Why Akyga?

• Usage of the latest technology,
• Attractive prices for highest quality products,
• Combination of the functionality of each product with the original style and aesthetics,
• The guarantee of reliable performance due to rigorous quality control at each stage of production,
• Fast and efficient service,
• Continuous expansion of the company's new products offer,
• Care for the environment.

An important part of our development is to act in accordance with pro-ecological solutions. For this purpose, we have created an internal concept GreenAkyga, which supports the development of our brand including an important aspect of environmental protection. All products, if possible, we send in special Ecobox or Unibag packages type. We resigned from using unnecessary painted, colourful packages, and the number of plastic bags and foils have been reduced to a minimum. We make our product boxes with biodegradable plain brown cardboard and so the imprints are made with ecological ink. The whole is always crowned with a simple and clear label which shows the appearance of the inside product and its most important parameters. Unification of the packaging also allows easy identification of the products of our brand.

This is the philosophy of GreenAkyga