Choosing the best case for your computer

A computer case is one of the elements we have before our eyes when we try to imagine a computer. It provides a stable framework for the components and guarantees them effective mechanical and electrostatic protection. When choosing a computer case, you should focus primarily on the purpose of the computer itself. It depends on what type of housing is suitable.

ATX enclosure for players and professional graphic designers

Is the computer supposed to provide entertainment while playing the latest games that require powerful computing power? Or will such computing power be necessary at work? Advanced video, photo or 3D graphics processing in CAD applications are demanding topics. They are characterized by a high demand for energy and processing power. In this case, the best solution is a Full ATX or gaming computer chassis. Particularly suitable for ATX format motherboards. Thanks to their dimensions, they are the most spacious and provide the best cooling of the chassis interior. They also allow the installation of multiple fans according to our needs. In combination with the comfortable cable arrangement systems and the bottom mounting of the power supply, we achieve a safe working environment for demanding workstations and gaming computers.

Gaming computer enclosures provide an increased number of 3.5″ bays for mounting hard drives. This makes it easier to use RAID technology or simply increases the available hard drive capacity.

When choosing hardware, it is important to consider the maximum length of the graphics card and maximum CPU cooling height. Too short a box that can hold our graphics card "on contact" may not provide a proper airflow. This may expose us to overheating of components. CPU cooling height is important when overclocking the processor.

Minimalistic PC enclosures for home use

A home multimedia centre computer does not need a workstation housing. For watching movies, listening to music or surfing the Internet, a device based on a mini-ITX enclosure is sufficient. Their most important advantage is their small dimensions, even the size of a decoder.

The most popular computer enclosures for offices and for learning

An office computer, like a learning aid computer, is usually placed underneath a desk or directly on a desk. If the device is also intended to work as a very powerful workstation or be used for gaming, it is worth considering buying a computer in a micro-ATX chassis. They are very expandable and at the same time their size does not take up valuable space. Currently, the latest generation processors have a built-in graphics card with high computing power, and the processors themselves are much faster and more economical than a few years ago. This allows the use of much smaller computer chassis such as SFF or ITX and mini-ITX.

When choosing a computer chassis, it is worth considering future computer modernization

Additionally, it is worth considering whether we will want to upgrade our computer in the future. When planning to add a larger or second graphic card or an additional RAM die, it is worth to plan it in advance and make sure that there is room for it.