Where can I buy your products?
Akyga’s products are available at the exclusive distributor in Poland and Europe - Ropla Computers Sp. z o.o., as well as in many traditional and online computer stores around the country.

How long does it take and what should I know before making a service request?
Service request are dealt with on an ongoing basis and are executed within a few days. However, it is important to remember that service requests are an individual matter of each store or distributor, so they may slightly differ from each other. Typically, examination and repair or replacement lasts from 5 to 7 working days. The basic informations to be provided while making a service request is usually the product’s serial number and fault description.

What power supply will be compatible with my laptop?
To find a compatible model check our power supplies search engine. Depending on the type of the information on the original AC adapter or power requirements of your laptop, you can use one of three searching ways.

What does “the product you are looking for is in the EOL/Older products section” mean?
Every product after the end of the distribution is transferred to the Older products section. All informations about the product such as pictures, user’s manual or data sheet remains available on our servers. It also means that there is no longer possibility of buying such a product.

What does “the product you are looking for is not available on the website” mean?
Due to the introduction of full product’s transparency on the product card, we have a lot of work related to managing older products. They will appear in the EOL/Older products section, so if it’s not on the page currently, it will surely appear at a later time.

The current site version was created on the basis of availability of the product card. On the product card you can find many useful informations like characteristics, data sheet, user’s manual, declaration of conformity, compatibilities and many others.
However, if you still have not found any solution for your concern, please use the form available in the Contact section.