The assortment produced by our company includes reliable ATX power supplies. The standard introduced by Intel in 1995 is very popular today and is used in the construction of the most powerful units. We have prepared three product lines - Basic, designed for standard desktop computers, Pro, dedicated to more complex constructions and Ultimate for the most demanding users (models from this series can be successfully used not only on PCs, but also in Bitcoin excavators).

Advantage over the competitors

Our ATX computer power supplies stand out from the competition with the highest quality workmanship and carefully selected raw materials, even when taking into account the simplest models. Each power supply is equipped with the most commonly used connectors ensuring compatibility with the current and the new generation of multi-core platforms.

We focus on high-class components, such as chrome grills and high-efficiency fans. This ensures extremely high cooling efficiency. In addition, 105 ° C high-temperature capacitors have been used to design the power supply board. Thanks to this, the offered power supplies for computers are characterized by very high efficiency, which translates into effective power supply, i.e. reliable operation of all components in the unit.

The best security

We also use the best security systems on the market - solutions such as OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP and PFC filters guarantee adequate protection of computer components, preventing damage and stabilizing the operation of the power supply.

Both if you are looking for a solid, budget solution and when the highest parameters are the most important for you, we can offer you many interesting alternatives.

For those looking above all for an excellent price-quality ratio, we can recommend, for example, the ATX 500 W AK-B1-500 power supply, which will work in most standard applications. In turn, people who need a power supply for special tasks, such as video processing, developing applications or games or mining BitCoins will certainly appreciate the advantages of the AK-U4-500 model, which can boast, among others, 80 PLUS certification.