PICO power supplies

PICO power supplies are the ideal choice for mini-ITX computers. They offer not only compact dimensions, but also high performance and quiet operation. They are designed to meet the technical requirements of a wide variety of devices.

PICO adapter for compact spaces

The PICO power modules are devices with a simple design that connect to a standard 12 V DC power supply. At the output, they offer the basic set of connectors found in ATX power supplies. ATX 24pin, Molex, SATA, as well as 4pin connectors are available, which are necessary to power the most important components of the computer. The PICO adapter is the ideal solution for users who need a reliable power supply for lower-powered computers such as mini PCs.

Efficiency and silent operation - the PICO power supply from Akyga

The PICO adapter from Akyga® is not only characterised by its compact design, but also by its high efficiency and quiet operation. Its advantages make it the perfect choice for users who appreciate minimalism and efficiency, as well as for those who work in conditions requiring absolute silence, such as recording studios or libraries. Thanks to its compact design and the reduction of unnecessary cabling, the installation and space management of the enclosure becomes much easier, which is crucial for mini and micro PCs.

Ideal solutions for small form factor PCs

Are you looking for a power supply for a specialised project or perhaps for a portable computer? The PICO modules are tailored to different needs - they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. The silent adapter will save space in your case. Choose a Pico power supply from Akyga and enjoy a reliable power supply for your hardware!