I. What are cookies?

Cookies are IT data, usually small files stored on end devices of website users. The files contain the name of the website, storage time on the end device and a unique number.

II. How do we use cookies?

The Google Analytics tool is installed on the website, tracking users' traffic on subpages using cookies, the information is in no way disclosed to other entities. The operator uses the collected data to:

  • Possibilities to log in and maintain user sessions on each subsequent page of the website
  • Individual adaptation of the website taking into account the user's preferences
  • Creating statistics that do not contain personal data to improve the operation of the Website 

III. Security

In the interests of the security of entrusted data at every level of processing, we have established internal procedures and recommendations to ensure the highest protection. The default browser settings allow you to store files. Each user has the option of changing the settings for cookies.