Laptop power supplies are available in our product catalog, both in universal and dedicated variants. Many years of experience and professional knowledge allow us to create equipment that will not disappoint even the most demanding users with the quality of performance and functionality.

Security and stability

Regardless of which model you choose, you can count on excellent power parameters and a guarantee of safe operation of your device. As standard, our notebook power supplies are equipped with a ferrite filter limiting interference, as well as a set of OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP protections. All this guarantees security and stability, both when talking about a powered computer and the power supply itself. Another solution we use is the so-called technology soft start. Provides protection against sudden surges during computer startup.

If you are looking for a reliable way to power several laptop models from different brands, universal power adapters are the solution for you. A set of different plugs in the set allows for trouble-free operation of most notebooks working with different voltages, such as 18.5 V, 19 V or 20 V. The voltage is selected automatically depending on the selected plug. We also have a range of USB-C chargers that support Power Delivery technology. USB PD is a standard that not only adapts the charging parameters to the currently connected device, but also enables fast charging. Versatility translates into convenience - you will not worry about packing several power supplies, which saves time and space in your luggage.

Seamless replacement

However, when you work on one computer, but you are waiting to replace the laptop adapter, you can trust with confidence a replacement from Akyga. We offer dedicated power supplies that are the answer to the needs of the owners of most laptop models available on the market.

In this category, there is also a solution available for people who spend as much time as in front of a computer in the car - laptop car adapters, also in a universal and dedicated variant, which will ensure that the computer does not run out of energy at the most important moment.

In turn, for service technicians and DIY enthusiasts we have prepared a complete range of the most popular plugs, cables and other service elements.

In order to adapt the adapter model to your notebook, we encourage you to use our compatibility search engine.