In the Akyga® shop you will find a wide range of cables and accessories. The range includes products from various fields of electronics, from power supplies to computer accessories to innovative power management solutions. Each product is designed to provide maximum performance, safety and comfort. Our products are ideal for both professionals and home users. With Akyga®, you are assured of choosing solutions that will transform your experience with electronics.

Modern desktop power and laptop charging equipment from Akyga®

In our range you will find modern desktop and laptop power supplies from Akyga. We offer a wide selection of ATX, ITX, TFX and SFX models, as well as UPS uninterruptible power supplies. These ensure safe and reliable operation in the event of a power failure. All power supplies feature high efficiency, quiet fan operation and advanced protection systems such as OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP, UVP, or PFC filter. They guarantee protection against the most common power supply problems.

By choosing Akyga® power supplies, you are guaranteed reliability, safety and long life of your desktop or laptop computer. Take a look at our full range of power supplies and UPS systems to find the model that best suits your needs.

Computer accessories and cables - the key to efficiency

In the Akyga® range you will also find a wide selection of cables, essential for the proper functioning of electronic devices. We offer USB cables, Ethernet cables, audio cables, power cables, as well as specialised cables for monitors, printers and other peripherals. Each cable is designed for long-term use and created from high-quality materials, ensuring optimal data transmission and connection stability.

Advanced technological solutions from Akyga®

At Akyga®, we make sure that cables not only meet current technology needs, but are also affordable and accessible to everyone. Whether you are building a new computer, upgrading existing hardware or simply looking for reliable and safe power solutions, our range has been designed with you in mind. Akyga® brand products respond to users' growing demands for technology, offering innovative solutions that make everyday life and work easier. We make sure that the cables are not only functional, but also safe for users and the environment.

Join the group of satisfied Akyga® brand customers

We invite you to explore the full range of the Akyga® brand. Whether you are looking for reliable power supplies, high quality computer accessories or innovative technological solutions, the offer has been prepared to meet your expectations. Akyga® is a brand that has enjoyed the trust of its users for years, thanks to the consistently high quality of its products and its focus on customer needs. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and enjoy the reliability and performance offered by Akyga® cables.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your passions and work with modern electronics. Akyga® - your source for modern technology solutions.