For the sake of our environment, we have created the internal concept of Green Akyga®, which supports all solutions that protect the environment. Whenever possible, we pack our products in ecological Ecobox and Unibag packaging. Ecobox packaging is made of biodegradable cardboard. They are not varnished or colored, thanks to which their decomposition does not threaten the environment. To make the cartons completely environmentally friendly, the prints printed on them are made with ecological ink.

We have also reduced the amount of used plastic packaging to a minimum. We used practical Unibag bags, thanks to which we reduced the amount of unnecessary filling in packaging and waste. Transparent and ecological packaging is an attribute that allows to recognize the Akyga® brand.

All the most important product features are placed on the labels, thus limiting the number of printed brochures. In addition, for the same purpose, the operating instructions provided with the product are in a summary version. The full version of the manual is available for download on the manufacturer's product page or after scanning the QR code from the packaging. To facilitate segregation, labels attached to packaging are easy to remove.