Here, even the most experienced gamer will find more than one interesting alternative - we present high-quality gaming cases! These are models that impress with their appearance as much as their functionality. So the player can fully focus on the game in spectacular company!

A project tailored to your needs 

We have prepared several reliable models for you. They were designed taking into account the special needs of people devoted to electronic gameplay. The latest computer games require powerful components. Providing them with the right working conditions, even because of the heat emitted, is a challenge. By betting on the Akyga gaming casing, you can be sure that all elements of your unit are in the best possible environment.

Extremely practical design 

Each gearbox impresses not only with its appearance, but also with its design solutions, enabling at least a tool-free assembly of discs and drives. Offered enclosures are extremely universal - they allow you to use the most popular among motherboards, CD / DVD drive, several hard drives, as well as long graphics cards. Added to this is an advanced cable management system that helps you maintain order.

Reliable even during long load 

When discussing this category, it is impossible not to mention cooling. Our enclosures are adapted to work under very heavy loads. Depending on the model, the fan may be equipped with it, and there is the possibility of installing additional (even six pieces!), As well as liquid cooling. Another advantageous solution in this context is placing the power supply at the bottom of the housing - the fan freely draws cool air, which has a positive effect on temperature and stability of operation. In addition, some models are equipped with dust filters.

In addition to the excellent technical specifications, products in this category impress with their appearance. Computer cases with a window / glass and LED backlight or an effective front panel made of mesh is a stylistic solution that you cannot pass by indifferently. Glazing is an additional treat for fans of electronics - it allows you to admire components during work, as well as their overall presentation.