A computer case is not only the outer shell of our hardware, but also a key component. It provides security and optimal working conditions for components. In the Akyga shop, you will find a variety of cases to suit various needs and expectations.

Mini-ITX case for aesthetics and compactness

If your goal is to create a compact home PC, Mini-ITX cases are the perfect choice. They offer a small footprint to save space. At the same time, they maintain an aesthetically pleasing design. They allow you to effortlessly create a PC for watching movies, listening to music or surfing the internet. Mini-ITX are the ideal alternative for those wishing to miniaturise a traditional computer case.

Micro-ATX computer case

If you are looking for an enclosure for an office or educational computer, look out for Micro-ATX enclosures. These enclosures are the perfect solution for under-desk computers. They offer great expandability while not taking up too much space. They are also ideal as solid bases for workstations. Intelligent cooling systems and convenient cable routing systems make working with a Micro-ATX case a pleasure.

SFF - Small Form Factor

If you are looking for compactness, minimalist design and high performance in your PC, look for SFF cases. These small, but sophisticated cases are the perfect choice for those who value space and aesthetics. Despite their compact size, they offer smart solutions for cooling and cable organisation. At the same time, they provide sufficient space for all components. Small Form Factor enclosures are the perfect solution for those who want modernity, space saving and reliability.

Plan for the future with an Akyga Mini PC case

Akyga encourages you to choose your case thoughtfully, with a view to possibly upgrading your PC in the future. By choosing products from Akyga, you will have enough space for an additional graphics card or RAM memory bones. When planning the expansion of your PC, it is also worth considering a case that is adapted to the dynamic changes in the world of technology.

Discover the full potential of the Mini PC and choose the ideal case for your PC. Reliability, functionality and aesthetics - you will find it all in the wide range offered by Akyga!