Electric cars are taking the automotive market by storm. They are considered to be modern and environmentally friendly. As the number of electric cars grows, so does the number of charging stations for such vehicles. However, regardless of their availability, every electric car owner should have their own EV charging cable in their boot.

EV charging cable for electric cars - what is it?

The EV (Electric Vehicle) cable is a special cable with which you charge your electric vehicle. You plug one end into the charging station and the other directly into your car. All Akyga EV cables are made of durable material resistant to mechanical damage. Importantly, the cables are long and allow you to freely charge your electric car even when parked in a hard-to-reach place.

Electric car charging adapters

Electric car charging adapters allow for the conversion of the connector found on the EV charger. This is ideal for those who own an older model car or a vehicle imported from the USA.

Which electric car charging cable - Type 1, Type 2, CCS 1 or CCS 2?

EV cables from Akyga have terminals in several configurations. There are cables with Type 1 - Type 2, CCS 1 - CCS 2, as well as Type 2 - Type 2 connectors, so that both owners of vehicles from the European manufactured market and the USA will find a suitable solution for themselves.

  • Cable with Type 1 / Type 2 connectors - ideally suited to charging cars with J1772 connectors at stations equipped with Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) connectors.
  • Cable with CCS 1 / CCS 2 connectors - is designed for DC charging of cars with CCS Combo 1 connector using a charger with CCS Combo 2 connector.
  • Cable with Type 2 connectors - will allow you to charge a vehicle with a Type 2 (Mennekes) connector at Type 2 stations that do not have a built-in power cable.

Whichever cable you choose, you can be assured that Akyga products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and performance. We take great care to provide you with not only reliable and durable products, but also to meet your individual EV charging needs. With EV cables from Akyga, you will enjoy smooth and efficient charging, making your electric car journeys even more comfortable and enjoyable. Choose Akyga and join the future of sustainable mobility today!