Akyga® AK-SC-E12 is a specially designed EV cable for charging electric cars and motorbikes. It is made of high-quality materials like copper and non-toxic TPE. Thanks to this, the EV cable is durable and friction-resistant, which ensures efficient charging of the vehicle. What's more, the cable has 7 conductors, including 2 communication conductors that allow the necessary communication between the vehicle and the power station. This is important to ensure safe and efficient charging.

The AK-SC-E12 cable is available by the metre, making it versatile and compatible with different electric vehicle charging standards. Thanks to this flexibility, connectors tailored to the specific make and model of electric vehicle can be attached. This solution allows you to freely adapt the length of the EV cable to your individual needs. What's more, the EV cable is also ideal for replacing a damaged charging cable.

NOTE: The cable is sold by the metre. One piece is 1 m of cable. Goods are not returnable.

  • Product code AK-SC-E12
  • Product type Electric Car Accessory
  • Supply voltage AC: 450 / 750 V
  • Number of phases 3 phase
  • Flame resistance UL94V-0
  • Cable material Copper
  • Wire gauge 5G6mm2 + 2x0.5 mm2
  • Isolation material TPE
  • Product color Black
  • Temperature -40 / +125 °C
  • CE compatibility Yes
  • RoHS compatibility Yes
  • REACH compatibility Yes
  • EAN code 5901720139207
  • Warranty 24 months