Smartphones, tablets, bluetooth headphones, navigation, powerbank or other devices charged via microUSB or USB-C - to be able to use all these devices you need a suitable USB charger. As a manufacturer of high quality electronics and accessories, we also supply devices of this type to the market. In this category you will find universal USB car chargers and mains chargers.

Robustness with the right size

Each USB power supply marked with our logo is characterized by solid construction and compact size. The use of durable ABS plastic in production guarantees high resistance to damage and mechanical deformation. This makes these small devices great for traveling - they won't take up much space, and you don't have to worry about losing the original charger during your trip.

We focus on an extremely high level of security in our products. A series of such protections as OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP is a guarantee of correct operation without risk of damaging the device.

Perfect variants for drivers

Particularly noteworthy variants dedicated to drivers. Akyga car charger is a refined design. Depending on your needs, you can choose a model with one, two or even four USB ports. As well as an additional standard 12V socket. This solution is a full battery in several devices at the same time!

You'll also find versions for network charging that are characterized by functionality and reliability. In this case, you can also bet on a charger with one or three USB ports.

Quick Charge

Our offer could also include a solution such as a Quick Charge charger. It allows you to charge devices that support this standard, up to four times faster than standard power supplies. In this context, we especially recommend the AK-CH-07 (car) and AK-CH-11 (network) models. These are chargers to which you can connect any cable, also USB C.

Power Delivery

Are you fed up with a million different chargers cluttered around? Maybe it’s time to consider the most recent solution of the century. Here comes the USB-C Power Delivery — one of the most advanced technology of chargers we provide.

The USB PD adjust the transmitted power when connected to any device — smartphone, wireless earphones, or even your laptop. It calculates the battery capacity, charging speed and works with different power stages, up to 100 W. You do not have to worry about your instruments getting damaged.

The latest standard for fast charging allows you make the most out of your portable devices. Enjoy instant and safe power supply with a charger with Power Delivery.