Monitor cables, or how to easily and safely transmit video and audio

Monitor cables can be divided into several different categories depending on their purpose. They work well for both analogue and digital connections. On top of this, a wide range of audio-video connectors means that we can enjoy audio and video in excellent quality. The Akyga brand offers high-quality monitor cables, thanks to which connecting a laptop to a projector or TV will not be the slightest problem.

Types of monitor cables

We divide monitor cables into:

  • DVI cables
  • HDMI cables
  • VGA cables
  • DisplayPort cables

DVI cables

DVI monitor cables have been popular for over 20 years. They are primarily used to connect monitors to graphics cards. However, users often also use them to connect other devices such as projectors, projectors or televisions. It is worth noting that DVI cables are divided into 3 types: DVI-A, DVI-D, DVI-I. DVI-I monitor cables allow the transmission of both digital and analogue data. DVI-D connectors, on the other hand, only handle digital data, while DVI-A cables handle analogue information.

HDMI cables

HDMI cables are the most commonly used connector for the transmission of audio and video between various devices such as PCs or notebooks and TVs, monitors or projectors. This connector supports both digital and analogue data. An HDMI cable can be connected to almost any monitor on the market. They support high resolutions of up to 8K, providing excellent picture and sound quality.

VGA cables

VGA monitor cables are designed for connecting displays, such as projectors or monitors, to computers. This is especially true of older models that use this traditional analogue connector. Although digital technologies have become more popular, VGA cables are still used in many cases. They provide reliable connections in situations where newer solutions are not available.

DisplayPort cables

DisplayPort cables are used for the simultaneous transmission of video and audio. What is more, they enable bi-directional transmission. The DisplayPort connector is a standard that is evolving with technology, enabling users to benefit from increasingly higher resolutions and advanced features such as HDR. With the ability to transmit both digital and analogue signals, the DisplayPort cable provides excellent picture and sound quality and adaptability to different needs and devices.

Choose your computer cables from Akyga

When you choose monitor cables from Akyga, you are assured of reliable connections and excellent quality of transmitted video and audio. Akyga's products are tailored to suit a variety of needs and device types, ensuring your satisfaction. If you are unsure which monitor cable to choose, we recommend reading our article HDMI or DisplayPort? Which video connector to choose?, which will help you make the right choice depending on your individual requirements and equipment specifications.