Every electronic device needs a reliable power source to function properly. This is why it is important to purchase a good quality laptop power adapter. A high-quality mains charger ensures a stable power supply. All Akyga brand laptop power adapters have a range of surge protections, so you don't have to worry about any malfunction that could damage your equipment. 

Computer power adapter - a brief definition

In a nutshell, a laptop charger is an external adapter that supplies power to a particular electronic device, in this case a laptop or notebook computer. It enables the battery to function and charge properly, so that you can use your laptop at home, in the office or when travelling without any problems. In addition, mains adapters are designed to protect your laptop from all sorts of anomalies such as too much or too little voltage. This ensures that you can rest assured that your laptop is safely powered at all times. 

How do I choose a power adapter for my laptop?

Laptop power chargers vary in plug shape and parameters such as input voltage or current. If your old laptop power adapter has broken, the easiest way when buying a new one is to read the data from the old charger. If you can't find out what parameters the laptop power adapter you used before had, you can use our laptop charger finder.  If you are still unsure about which laptop mains adapter to buy, you can also get help from our experienced retailers. 

Laptop mains charger - specifications

Are you looking for a high-quality replacement mains charger for the laptop you or your loved ones use? Be sure to pay attention to a few important aspects, such as: 

  • Charger voltage (V) - this information can be found on the power adapter or laptop 
  • Current intensity (A) - this can be found on the power adapter or laptop 
  • Power of the laptop power supply (W) - this can be found on the power supply or in the laptop user manual 
  • Shape and size of the plug - can be measured with a caliper or ruler.