D-Sub monitor cable

The wide range of audio and video cables and wires means that we don't always know what type of connector to choose. Do you want to connect a monitor, TV or projector to a console? One of the most common solutions is an HDMI cable, but what if you have an older model? Then you may need a cable with a VGA connector. A D-Sub monitor cable, also known as a VGA cable, is another popular option, especially for older monitors and devices. The D-Sub connector, which has been widely used for many years, allows analogue video signals to be transmitted. Although it is no longer as modern as HDMI, it still serves its purpose, allowing many devices that do not have HDMI ports to be connected.

VGA cable for consoles - types of D-Sub

It is worth knowing that VGA cables for consoles are available in several versions. They differ in the number of pins in the plug. The most popular and widely used D-Sub cable at the moment is the 15-pin VGA. However, users of old computers such as Atari or Commodore probably remember the DE-9 (9-pin) connector, which was mainly used for connecting joysticks. Other types of connectors are also worth mentioning, such as DE-9M, DA-15 and the current DE-15 standard.

With technological developments, most of these cables and connectors are now a thing of the past. Currently available VGA 15-pin monitor cables are most commonly used to connect televisions, projectors, projectors and, of course, monitors.

What is worth knowing about a VGA cable?

In addition to their standard purpose of connecting monitors to PCs, D-Sub cables can also be successfully used as one component of a multimedia system in the home or office. It is worth knowing that VGA monitor cables only allow the transmission of images, without sound. Therefore, D-Sub cables are increasingly being replaced by other, more modern solutions. Both USB cables and HDMI cables can be mentioned here. However, despite this, VGA / D-Sub cables still remain one of the most popular monitor connectors. What's more, electronics manufacturers continue to equip computers with them.

A wide selection of VGA cables for consoles from Akyga

Akyga has a wide selection of D-Sub cables in various lengths and specifications. Each of our monitor cables has been additionally equipped with a ferrite filter, a so-called choke. This effectively protects the connected devices from electromagnetic and radio interference, resulting in better picture quality and signal stability. Choose equipment from the Akyga brand and enjoy excellent connection quality and complete safety of your electronic equipment!