The ecological alternative – Portable solar panels 

Caring for the environment is not just a fad. For many people, it is a way of life. Thanks to people's growing awareness of ecology and renewable energy sources, there is great interest on the market in photovoltaic panels, among other things. This is a very economical and ecological option for obtaining energy for the home or business.   

Portable photovoltaic panels – aesthetics and reliability 

None of us likes limitations. That is why the Akyga brand has decided to expand its range with portable photovoltaic panels, which fit perfectly into portable power stations. Thanks to their compact size and low weight, you can take them with you virtually anywhere. For a longer trip, a weekend in the mountains or a camping trip. Their performance allows you to charge your electronic equipment quickly and ensures that you have constant access to energy when you are out in the field. What's more, the portable solar panels from Akyga are characterised by excellent quality, high aesthetics, as well as reliability. They will work perfectly even in extreme conditions, as they can operate freely even at low temperatures

Highly practical portable solar panels 

You can use portable solar panels anywhere and anytime. They are perfect for the power grid fails, i.e. a so-called blackout. Thanks to them, you can easily charge your mobile devices such as smartphones and notebooks. Portable solar panels will be appreciated by lovers of mountains and outdoor camping. It is worth noting that the foldable solar panel is convenient to transport. It takes up little space and is relatively lightweight.   

If you want to be prepared for all circumstances, be sure to take a look at the emergency power products.  In addition, you can count on the support of our specialists at any time. We will be happy to explain all the complexities and suggest which model of photovoltaic panels or charging station would be best for you. Check it out for yourself!