In this category you can find a wide selection of USB cables - the offer includes virtually all terminals, technologies and standards used on the market.

The USB connector in various configurations is one of the most common equipment in modern homes, offices, commercial premises, coworking spaces and more. This type of cable is widely used by manufacturers of most electronic devices - smartphones, tablets, cameras, cameras, MP3 players, printers, scanners, etc. Computers and portable computers are equipped with USB ports and it is through them that you can send data from the memory of these devices to the hard disk, configure or update the software. 

Meet users expectations 

However, until recently, individual manufacturers have used different standards. Our offer is a response to the needs of both owners of the most modern devices and slightly older models. In our catalogue you will find various types of cables, including cables for USB-C chargers with Power Delivery, ideal for fast charging of modern mobile devices.

The product catalog includes:

  • USB-A – USB-mini-B and USB-micro-B cables – used in most devices such as telephones, power banks, cameras, tablets and devices designed for data transmission,
  • USB-A – USB-B cables – still used in printers and scanners,
  • USB-A – USB-A cables – used to extend USB cables and charge depending on the type of connected device,
  • USB-A cables – Apple 30-pin – used in older iPhones and iPods,
  • USB-A – USB-C cables – used to synchronize data and charge newer mobile devices, 
  • USB-microB  USB-microB cables – are used for cable extension and charging,
  • USB-A – UC-E6 cables – used in Nikon, Panasonic, Konica / Minolta, Olympus, SONY, Pentax, Epson, Sanyo cameras,
  • USB-C – USB-C cables – used in most modern models of mobile devices,
  • USB-A – Lightning cables – used to charge and transfer data from an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

In addition to cables, the product catalog includes adapters and distributors. The first groups of these accessories work well with devices that do not support the HDMI, VGA, RS-232 or DisplayPort formats, as well as portable computers in which the built-in network card has failed (or is not factory-equipped). In turn, each USB hub with our logo allows you to charge and transfer data through up to 4 devices simultaneously. With us you will find all kinds of USB cables, USB extenders, USB-C chargers with Power Delivery, as well as converters. Check!