• Stylish Design – spiral USB-C cable adds modern elegance to your workstation
  • Exceptional Durability – robust construction with extra braid increases resistance to bending, extending the life of the cable
  • Flexibility and Tidiness – the stretchable form of the spiral helps keep your desk tidy and aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfort of Use – 3 m cable for easy connection
  • Universal USB-C Connectors – easy connection of devices thanks to two symmetrical USB-C plugs


  • Product code AK-USB-49
  • Product type USB Cable
  • Maximum power 5 V / 1 A (5 W)
  • Cable length 3.0 m
  • The cable plug #1 USB Male connector type C
  • The cable plug #2 USB Male connector type C
  • Data transmission Yes
  • Version USB 2.0
  • Plated plugs Yes - nickel plated
  • Cable material Copper
  • Product color White
  • Color insets Blue
  • Package UniBag
  • Package size (L x W x H) 100 x 100 x 20 mm
  • Net weight 94 g
  • Gross weight 103 g
  • RoHS compatibility Yes
  • REACH compatibility Yes
  • EAN code 5901720139399
  • Warranty 24 months



USB-C Spiral Cable for Keyboard — Modernity with a Touch of Classics

Akyga® AK-USB-49 is a USB-C spiral cable for keyboard, ideal for lovers of modern design with a touch of classics. Its distinctive stretchable spiral form (so-called Aviator Coiled Cable) combined with the robust GX16 connector makes it a unique addition to any computer set-up. It brings an element of style and functionality to the workspace.

Spiral Cable on a desk nclose to mechanical keyboard

Versatile USB-C Connectors

The AK-USB-49 cable is equipped with two USB-C connectors, making it extremely versatile. Whether you need to connect a mechanical keyboard or charge a smartphone, this cable provides broad compatibility and ease of use. The symmetrical USB-C connectors allow seamless connection to a variety of devices, making it the perfect choice for any modern user. In addition, the cable has a length of 3 metres, which provides even more freedom of use.

USB Spiral Cable on a desk

Total USB Spiral Cable Length

Spiral Keyboard Cable — Functionality and Style

The spiral design of the mechanical keyboard cable is not only about aesthetics, but above all about functionality. Thanks to the flexible spiral, the cable does not get tangled and allows you to easily adjust the length to suit your current needs. This feature keeps your workspace tidy at all times and the cable adds a modern touch to your desk. The unique spiral design is an eye-catcher and makes the cable stand out from others available on the market.

Durable and Elegant Coiled Cable

The spiral keyboard cable has gained in strength thanks to the additional braid, which not only emphasises its elegant design, but also protects it from mechanical damage. The coil protects the cable from mechanical damage, which translates into a longer service life. As a result, the cable is resistant to bending and everyday use, while retaining its stylish appearance. It is the ideal solution for those who value both durability and aesthetics.

Stretch Spiral USB Aviator Cable with Braided View

Złącze GX16 na kablu spiralnym USB-C

Solid GX16 connector

The stylish GX16 connector is the element that makes the AK-USB-49 cable stand out. Massive and robust, it gives the cable an industrial character that goes well with modern keyboards. The GX16 connector not only looks impressive, but also ensures a secure and stable connection. As a result, your devices will work reliably and your desk will gain a unique, stylish accent.