• High efficiency guarantee – certified power supply with 80 PLUS Bronze standard  
      • Actual power – the power supply provides 500 W of continuous power  
      • Wide range of connectors – the product has a set of necessary plugs 
      • Quiet operation – optimum cooling when working at top speed is ensured by an efficient 12 cm fan 
      • Guaranteed reliability – the product has an extended warranty up to 36 months
    • A set of protections – protection of the device against damage is guaranteed by a number of protections
    • Easy to install – long 45 - 75 cm cables for convenient installation inside the enclosure
  • Product code AK-U4-500
  • Product type Computer power supply
  • Format ATX 2.31
  • Series Ultimate
  • Supply voltage 230 V
  • Power consumption < 5 A
  • Efficiency > 80 %
  • 80 PLUS compatibility Yes
  • 80 PLUS certificate Bronze
  • Current on the +3.3V rail 15 A
  • Current on the +5V rail 15 A
  • Maximum load on +3.3V and +5V line 103 W
  • Current on the +12V rail 35 A
  • Maximum load on 12V line 420 W
  • Maximum power 500 W
  • Mainboard Power Connector 24-pin
  • Power connector ATX12V P4 None
  • Power connector EPS12V 8 pin 1 pc ( 4 + 4-pin )
  • Power connector PCI-E 6 pin 1 pc
  • Power connector PCI-E 6+2 pin 1 pc
  • Power connector PCI-E 8 pin None
  • Molex connector 2 pcs
  • Mini-Molex connector 1 pc
  • SATA connector 6 pcs
  • Modular power supply No
  • PFC filter Active
  • Mechanical switch Yes
  • Ground wire Yes
  • OVP Yes
  • OCP Yes
  • OPP Yes
  • OTP Yes
  • SCP Yes
  • UVP Yes
  • Power supply connector IEC C14
  • Fan size 120 mm
  • Fan adjustments Automatic
  • Cable length 45 - 75 cm
  • The cable plug #1 Hybrid standard C/E/F ( CEE 7/7 )
  • The cable plug #2 IEC C13
  • Power cable included Yes
  • Material Galvanized steel
  • Product color Black
  • MTBF 100000 h
  • Temperature 5 - 50 °C
  • Package EcoBox
  • Product size (L x W x H) 140 x 150 x 85 mm
  • Package size (L x W x H) 222 x 155 x 95 mm
  • Net weight 1.26 kg
  • Gross weight 1.33 kg
  • CE compatibility Yes
  • FCC compatibility No
  • RoHS compatibility Yes
  • REACH compatibility Yes
  • Included accessories Power cable
  • EAN code 5901720134585
  • Warranty 36 months

Certified power supply for high-performance PC sets

The AK-U4-500 Ultimate series computer power supply is a reliable power source for PC units with a powerful graphics card. It is ideal for standard PC kits as well as gaming PCs. 

Work without restrictions

Max power
500 W

Fan dimensions
12 cm

Cable length
45-75 cm

36 months

The AK-U4-500 power supply meets the requirements of modern computers, which consume the most power on the +12 V line. Therefore, the power supply provides up to 420 W of continuous power on this line in response to demand. What's more, it is characterised by effective cooling when operating at top speed. The 120 mm fan with automatic speed control depending on the component temperature is responsible for the cooling efficiency. In addition, the PSU is equipped with long power supply cables, which allow for its free installation in bottom-mounted enclosures. Moreover, the reliability of the PSU is ensured by an extended warranty for 36 months.

Guarantee of high efficiency

The high efficiency of the power supply is confirmed by the 80 PLUS® Bronze certificate. The power supply meets the requirements of the standard which states that at least 85% of electricity is to be transferred to the powered components. This has a direct impact on energy savings as well as lower heat output.

Reliable protection

The power supply is equipped with a number of security features and active PFC filter. They guarantee protection against component damage and stabilize the PSU's operation, so that it runs without any unwanted interference.

OVP protection — Protects the power supply against too high a voltage on the output line. It is activated when the voltage increases by 15% from the nominal value.

OCP protection — Protects computer components from too high an output current. In case of overload of any of the lines the power supply is automatically switched off.

OPP protection — Protects against power supply overload. It is activated when the power demand is higher than the peak power of the PSU.

OTP protection — Protects against overheating of the PSU, resulting both from overload and insufficient air circulation. In case the safe temperature is exceeded, the PSU is automatically switched off.

UVP protection — Protects against too low a voltage on the output lines. It starts when the voltage drops below an acceptable value. The power supply is automatically switched off.

SCP protection — Protects the PSU against damage caused by a short circuit. The PSU is automatically switched off if a short circuit is detected.

Variety of connectors

EPS12V connector
4+4 PIN

PCI Express connector
6+2 PIN

SATA conectors
6 pcs

Molex conectors
2 pcs

The power supply comes with a wide range of plugs that allow you to connect up to 9 devices equipped with SATA/MOLEX/MINI-MOLEX sockets and a powerful graphics card with two PCI-Express power sockets. The set includes two MOLEX connectors, six SATA connectors for Serial ATA HDDs and optical drives, one mini-MOLEX connector and one universal MPC 24-pin connector. Additionally, the set includes PCI-E 6-pin and PCI-E 6+2-pin for connecting graphics cards and one EPS12V 4+4-pin connector for powering motherboards. In addition, the power supply has a manual switch that allows the user to safely cut off the power supply without having to unplug the power cord from the mains.