Akyga® AK-PC-11A is a cable used to extend the power cord with the IEC C13 output, most often used in ATX, ITX and UPS power supplies. Its length (up to 5m) allows for free connection of devices in various places (laboratory, office, office space). Made of the highest quality materials, it ensures reliable operation and a modern look.

  • Product code AK-PC-11A
  • Product type Power cable
  • Series Pro
  • Output voltage 250 V
  • Output amperage 10 A
  • Ground wire Yes
  • Cable length 5 m
  • The cable plug #1 IEC C14
  • The cable plug #2 IEC C13
  • Power parameters 250V/10A
  • Cable material CCA
  • Wire gauge 3x 0.5 mm2
  • Product color Black
  • Product size (L x W x H) 220 x 70 x 55 mm
  • Net weight 218.9 g
  • CE compatibility Yes
  • FCC compatibility No
  • RoHS compatibility Yes
  • REACH compatibility Yes
  • EAN code 5901720135377
  • Warranty 24 months