Akyga® Pro series power supplies are characterized by high stability of current parameters in continuous operation, required by advanced PCs.

Reliable power supply

Careful design of the power supply board together with high quality components and a PFC filter guarantee high efficiency close to 80+ standards. This translates into a stable power supply for the computer during a long period of use.

Unlike the Basic series, Pro series power supplies allow to power more demanding desktop configurations. They can be used for high-tech office, home and other desktop configurations, also multi-core, powered by ATX 2.31 standard. These are designs that will also work well for gamers.

ATX Akyga Pro models are equipped with a set of necessary plugs to connect to computer components. They have, among others, 2 PCI-Express connectors, a set of Molex and SATA plugs. The length of cables coming out of the power supply reaches up to 60 cm. Moreover, high efficiency fans ensure quiet operation while cooling components.

The best protection

The protection systems used protect the device against such anomalies as too high voltage (OVP), too high current (OCP), overload (OPP), overheating (OTP) or short circuit (SCP). Increased performance is guaranteed by the PFC filter, which is used in all Akyga® power supplies.

According to the user's manual, installation should be carried out by persons with appropriate technical knowledge of PC construction.