In this category you will find modern computer power supplies. We have prepared a carefully selected selection of the highest class devices that guarantee safe and trouble-free operation. The offer includes models of the ATX, ITX, TFX, SFX formats, UPS, laptop power supplies, as well as accessories such as power cables and surge protectors. For years, we have been supplying products from the best manufacturers, so you can count on top parameters and high-quality materials used in the construction.

Variety of variants

Regardless of the chosen variant, our desktop power supplies are equipped with efficient, quiet fans, whose operating mode adapts to the current power consumption. This translates into high operating efficiency - the vast majority of electricity goes directly to the unit, and its losses in the form of heat are significantly reduced, which translates into maximum power efficiency. We offer advanced devices that support the latest construction standards and are perfect for even the most advanced computers.

PC power supplies available in our store are equipped with a number of the latest security - systems such as OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP, UVP or PFC filter are excellent solutions that effectively prevent damage to components and allow stable operation without interference.

For demanding users  

In turn, we have prepared UPS supplies for the most demanding users in terms of safety. This product line was created to protect devices as well as the effects of work against basic hazards associated with breakdowns, voltage drop, overvoltage, etc. The uninterruptible power supply UPS allows the emergency use of a computer, as well as a server or work networks in the event of a power outage.

The whole offer is complemented by refined laptop power supplies, both in the universal version (each model equipped with several plugs matching notebooks from the most popular brands), as well as with dedicated parameters that are an excellent replacement for the power adapter received in the set with the purchased laptop.