04 April 2022

The first cryptocurrencies were created in 2008. One of them was the well-known Bitcoin. At the time, many people did not believe that virtual money could generate real income. Over the years, however, it turned out that digging internet coins can be quite a profitable venture. Check out what you should know about cryptocurrencies, how to prepare your digging computer and what is better to choose – a rig or a case for cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency miner sits in front of the laptop.There is a cryptocurrency rig on the brown table next to it

What to pay attention to when building your own cryptocurrency digger?

In the Internet you will find plenty of tutorials showing how to build a cryptocurrency digger at home. You'll find advice for beginners as well as more advanced miners. No matter what kind of mining machine you build, whether it's a small structure or a huge cryptocurrency farm, it's very important to have the good quality power supply to ensure a stable and uninterrupted current flow. Mining machines operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any power failure stops the operation and thus significantly depletes your digital wallet. The processor, graphics cards and RAM are also important. All these components should be installed in the right place in your cryptocurrency rig frame. This will keep the hardware safe and the whole thing tidy and easier to use. When choosing a cryptocurrency case or rack, it is worth paying special attention to the cooling capabilities. Working graphics cards consume a lot of power and generate huge amounts of heat, so a proper cooling system is very important.

Akyga AKM081 cryptocurrency rig and Akyga AKM091 cryptocurrency case rig

Cryptocurrency case or frame?

The mining frame is characterised by high stability and strength. Thanks to the open walls, it is ideal for well-ventilated rooms. In the case of large mining machines, it is worth considering an additional system for ventilating the working room. When choosing a rig frame, you should take into account its dimensions and the amount of space needed to install graphics cards and fans, which will effectively cool working components. For beginner miners, the 6 GPU rig frame, which accommodate 6 cards up to 320 mm in size, with the possibility of mounting fans, will be perfect. The entire mining process depends on the efficiency of the cooling, so it is worth taking a moment to think about this problem and prepare for all eventualities. For more experienced and demanding "miners" a great idea is a cryptocurrency case. This is a slightly more expensive investment, but it ensures better airflow inside the rig.

Two racks on which a large number of cryptocurrency rigs have been placed

An innovative solution – a cryptocurrency case with closed walls

The Akyga® brand offers a modern and extremely robust case for an online currency copier. AKM091 9-GPU is an excellent quality design, which more effectively solves the problem of excessive heating of components during operation. Compared to other cryptocurrency rig frames, the case features closed walls. Thanks to them, the airflow is even more targeted and thus cooling is more effective. This makes the enclosure suitable for poorly ventilated rooms. Furthermore, the walls reduce the degree of dust inside the case and shield the components from unauthorised access. This reduces the risk of damage to the graphics cards and thus of system failure. It is also worth mentioning that the closed case for cryptocurrencies is not only a perfect solution for copiers, but also for small servers. Importantly, the Akyga branded cases has a steel construction and rigid walls fixed with rivets. This in turn guarantees the stability and safety of the digging equipment. Moreover, the case is equipped with a removable cover, which makes the installation and replacement of components much easier. Inside, just like in the case of standard mining rigs, there is a crossbar for the installation of risers and a profile for the graphics cards. On the other hand, in the lower part, protruding pins are placed to facilitate the assembly of the motherboard. Furthermore, the enclosure is equipped with a number of fan installation places both in the front and in the back of the case. Its compact dimensions and relatively low weight are also unquestionable advantages.

Cryptocurrency rigs standing close to each other

Rig frame for cryptocurrencies – unlimited expansion possibilities

The versatility of rigs and cases for cryptocurrency miners means that they can be combined into smaller or larger units. In this way, you can create your mining farm that allows you to dig more virtual money in less time. The mining frames and cases can be stacked on top of each other or side by side to create convenient and practical strings with easy access to the hardware inside.