10 July 2019

The modern series of Akyga® Gamer computer cases is adapted to meet the expectations of demanding users. To meet your needs, we present the AKY013BK casing.

Designed in such a way as to perfectly combine the original look and functionality. It has 5 places for fans, so you do not have to worry about overheating of components.
Instead of a standard metal wall that hides the unique interior of our computer, a plexiglass wall was used to view the interesting interior of our housing. The transparent panel allows you to delight with an innovative composition of components and colorful backlighting of fans.

For comfort of use, the top panel has been equipped with the most commonly used sockets, facilitating access to USB and audio ports, thus eliminating the need for bending or getting to the rear wall of the housing. Optimal interior design guarantees great possibilities for extensions and convenient assembly of components.

We recommend the AKY013BK casing for all those who value comfort, solid performance and an original look.