25 December 2018

Enlarging our laptops power supplies offer 


We have added a wide new range of dedicated laptop power adapters. For all those struggling and those traveling, we have extended the existing collection to include a series of thirteen models of excellent quality car power adapters connected to the cigarette lighter socket. Thanks to them you no longer have to worry about whether or not the battery of your computer will discharge at the least suitable time. The small dimensions of the power supply allow storage in the storage compartment, so you can always have it near you when you need to recharge. Power supplies are a great equipment for all sales representative and for all other industries where frequent or long car-journeys are unavoidable and laptop is a basic work tool.

The remaining part of the offer was supplemented by power supplies of various parameters. Among them are three new 120W models for demanding devices.

You can find a full range of our dedicated power supplies here.