02 February 2018

Universal AK-CH-04

USB charger

Our new charger AK-CH-04 is one of the most universal solution for mobile phones, smartphones, phablets, tablets, bluetooth headphones, e-cigarretes and many other small devices thanks to UBS port and excellent current parameters (2000mA from one USB port).

A compact size and small weight of charger make it easier to travel without unnecessary baggage, while it fits into your bag with no problem.

Owing to USB port it is possible to charge almost every device with input voltage of 5V, for example by connecting it with the cable used for communication with the computer.

The careful selection of components at the design stage, allows for stable and safe work of devices at full, continuous load. All Akyga power supplies for mobile devices, has over 80% efficiency and the safety of the charger and connected devices ensures a whole range of current-voltage protection and thermal protection (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP).