10 June 2017

Surge protectors and electric splitters

Power Strip AK-SP-05A guarantee overvoltage protection and filtering of radio interference. It protects computer devices, AGD, audio-video and consumer electronic equipment. Available in 5- sockets version CEE 7/5 (french type). It is equipped with 1.8 m long cable with C/E/F (CEE 7/7) hybrid plug. Its solid and simple design adjusted to your basic need gives you guarantee of reliability in reasonable price. Strip is available in black variant with CE certificate.

At the same time an AK-PS series of 3- and 4- socket electric splitter is introduced into our offer. All of them are equipped with CEE 7/5 (French type) sockets and 1.5m long cable with C/E/F (CEE 7/7) hybrid plug.

AK-PS Series is also sold in switch mounted version.