08 April 2014

Akyga Phasak UPS power supply

Current problems can appear at the least expected moment and can result in loss of unsaved work sessions, loss of important data, and, in worst case scenario, permanent hardware damage.

With the UPS Emergency Power Supply you can use your electronic devices without worries about interference with the mains, so that your home appliances is safe and protected. The versatility of the power supply makes it also great for protecting LANs, servers and workstations.

UPS series AK-UP1-xxx are available in following versions: 400VA/240W, 600VA/360W, 800VA/480W.

An important feature of the Akyga Phasak is the battery start-up, which means that it can be switched on immediately if there is no mains supply - switching is practically instantaneous - within 2 to 8 ms.