07 May 2020

Slowly but surely, the USB Type-C standard is gaining popularity in the world of notebooks and other mobile devices. USB C is an important step forward, not only because of its characteristic symmetrical plug, but also because of its wide range of applications. Apart from charging, it can also be used for fast data transmission.

Simple from the outside - advanced inside

Over the years, Akyga has gained a lot of experience in the field of notebook adapters, so the next step to expand the offer with USB C power will not surprise anyone. The latest laptop models can be charged via the USB C port thanks to the Power Delivery (DP) standard. This standard allows charging from 5 to 20 V and up to 5 A. So charging is even faster than ever before. Thanks to the mounted controller, the power supply can communicate with the device to speed up the battery charging process by setting the appropriate charging parameters. The AK-ND-60 and AK-ND-70 power supplies provide the possibility of such advanced charging with 45 and 65 W respectively. Depending on the model, they deliver up to 3 and 3.25 A at 20 V, which is sufficient for most ultrabooks, even those with dedicated graphics cards.

Of course, this is only one possibility to use the charger, as it is compatible with any device charged in this standard. This includes mobile phones with QuickCharge 3.0 fast charging technology, which is also supported by the mentioned power supplies.

During the design process, not only was a wide compatibility of the device taken care of, but also protection. The device is equipped with all necessary protections, which include protection against voltage fluctuations, surges, overloads, short circuits and overheating.

Versatility of the charger

Those who have recently replaced their devices with newer models with USB type C ports will be deeply satisfied with the wide charging possibilities offered by this power supply. This small power supply will charge most digital devices from headset to mobile phone to notebook.

New EU requirements

Soon, all new mobile devices in Europe will be equipped with USB type C ports. This is all because the USB-C connector has been recognised by the European Union as the standard for charging mobile devices.