04 November 2022

Nowadays, wireless Internet is practically everywhere. However, there are times when the available Wi-Fi network offers poor data transfer or is unstable. This effectively prevents you from freely playing games, listening to music or working online. Then a standard Ethernet cable with an RJ45 plug proves extremely helpful. But what to do if your device does not have such an input?

adapter with network card connected to laptop

Advantages of adapters with network cards

External adapters with network cards are small devices that you can take with you almost anywhere. They are ideal for travelling, as well as in the office or at home. RJ45 adapters can be connected to laptops, notebooks, tablets and even smartphones. This gives us a stable Internet connection. This, in turn, means that we can watch high-definition films available on streaming platforms, work freely or play our favourite online games.

close-up on end of Ethernet cable plugged into network adapter

When does a network adapter become indispensable?

A network adapter for an Ethernet cable can be an essential accessory. It's a practical solution when the device you're using doesn't have an RJ45 socket, but also when your built-in network card has malfunctioned. It is worth noting that many network adapters are additionally equipped with various types of audio-video sockets as well as USB sockets. These, in turn, allow for easy connection of peripheral devices such as a mouse or keyboard.

Ethernet cable lying on laptop keyboard

What should I consider when choosing an adapter with a USB network card?

When choosing an external network card, it is worth paying attention to both the data transmission speed and the plug. The adapter can be found in many variants. These include standard solutions with a USB-A connector, as well as newer proposals with a USB type C connector. The latter option will be ideal if we want to use our network adapter with a tablet or smartphone. Interestingly, due to their slim and thin design, modern laptops cannot be equipped with a full-size RJ-45 input, in which case the use of an adapter with a network card becomes essential.

adapter with network adapter with USB type C plug

External network card or multifunctional USB Hub?

The selection of adapters with a network card is really extensive. Before purchasing such a device, it is worth considering whether you only need stable access to the Internet, or whether you are interested in the other possibilities offered by this type of adapter? If it's the former, then the AK-AD-65 LAN adapter is an excellent choice. Equipped with a USB-C plug, it will enable high-quality data transfer of up to 1000 Mbps. If you like for more universal solutions, it is worth considering a USB hub with a network card. It will not only allow you to connect to the Internet wired, but also to connect additional devices to your computer.

If you are still not sure which adapter with network card to choose, please contact the Akyga brand. Our experienced advisors will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions.  We invite you to take a look at the full offer of our shop!