11 January 2023

The relentless development of the electronics market, in recent years, has led to the development of innovative GaN chargers. This small accessory hides enormous power. Thanks to the use of gallium nitride (GaN) for their production, instead of traditional silicon, users can enjoy a smaller and more powerful device which can easily power a smartphone, tablet or portable computer.

Extension cable with a charger plugged into each socket and various electronic devices charging around it

What is the phenomenon of GaN chargers?

First of all, it's worth knowing that GaN fast charging technology uses gallium nitride. It's a relatively new semiconductor that perfectly replaces the silicon used before. Gallium nitride was first used on a larger scale in the 1990s in the production of blue LEDs. Compared to silicon, GaN electronic components feature much higher energy efficiency, smaller size and lower power consumption. These attributes have made gallium nitride an excellent material for chargers.

Charger plugged into a contact and connected to a phone and laptop

GaN charger vs traditional silicon charger

The difference between these accessories is huge. GaN chargers are smaller, lighter and equipped with advanced technologies that provide faster charging. They can also process more energy than traditional silicon chargers. The GaN they contain allows for greater efficiency with less heat and energy. This means that we will not only reduce the cost of electricity consumption when charging our device, but also reduce the time it takes to charge it. Another important feature of GaN chargers is their size, which is up to half the size of traditional silicon solutions. This makes it ideal for people traveling with small luggage.

Female hand holding white Akyga charger

GaN chargers – size matters

Probably the biggest advantage of GaN chargers is their size. Thanks to the gallium nitride, even a small charger can have a high power supply. In the case of silicon power supplies, with the development of high-speed charging technology, their size also grew. As a result, gallium nitride-based solutions will be perfect for people who travel frequently, as well as those going on business trips. This is a great convenience, saving space and time.

Graphic showing the dimensions of the white Akyga charger

GaN chargers – advantages of the technology

The advantage of chargers with a gallium nitride transistor is the so-called wider energy gap. Although this term sounds extremely mysterious, in the simplest terms, it is the ease with which current flows through GaN. Gallium nitride is characterized by much better heat and current conduction and resistance to high temperatures. All of this makes GaN chargers smaller than traditional models and delivers more power while having low energy loss. Therefore, GaN chargers do not overheat, and this in turn ensures long-lasting and stable operation of your electronic devices.

Hand connecting another charger to an extension cable

GaN charger – why is it worth having one?

Gallium nitride-based chargers are increasingly common on the electronics market. This is a relatively new solution, which has great potential for fast charging and efficient use of energy. Buying a GaN charger at the moment is slightly more expensive than buying a regular silicon charger. However, its undoubted advantages are worth remembering, which definitely compensates for its price. Thanks to its small size, you can take the accessory with you virtually anywhere. High power supply allows you to charge your equipment in a short time, and better heat conduction ensures safety and trouble-free operation. It is these features that make GaN chargers an interesting alternative to traditional silicon chargers.