30 June 2019

Our offer includes modern, compact power supplies created in the TFX 250 W standard. The   Akyga® AK-T1-250 TFX power supplies are designed for desktop computers designed in mini standards (most often used in workplaces such as offices or laboratories) and media (HTPC in other words, they are computers that act as a home multimedia center).

Akyga® power supplies are made of high quality materials to meet the requirements of consumers. They have 80 PLUS® Gold certificate, which ensures the highest quality of the device, even at 100% load, we can count on a minimum of 87% efficiency (this means that only 13% or less of the energy generated by the power supply is lost).

Equipped with a modern active PFC filter that adapts to the load and conditions of the electricity network, as well as a number of innovative protections for power supplies such as OVP (before the output voltage is too high), OCP (against overloading the stabilizer), OPP (overload of the power supply), OTP (against overheating of the power supply), SCP (short-circuit protection) - guarantees high protection of the power supply and components supplied by it.