19 June 2019

Modern ATX 500 W and 600 W power supplies from the Ultimate series are a solution for those who value reliable operation of devices equipped with complicated solutions.

The power supplies have been made to meet the highest requirements. Therefore, they have the 80 PLUS® Bronze certificate, which ensures high efficiency and guarantees a high constant efficiency of devices (over 80%) and systems cooperating with it, even at maximum load.

Both ATX 500 W and 600 W are equipped with a fan with a diameter of 120 mm, which efficiently cools them during operation.

The active PFC filter adapts to the load and conditions of the electrical network, giving the possibility of efficient phase shift correction, which together with numerous protections - such as OVP (before the output voltage is too high), OCP (overloading the stabilizer), OPP (against overloading the PSU), OTP (against overheating of the power supply), SCP (short-circuiting), UVP (against too low output voltage) - prevents damage to components and allows for stable operation of the device.

ATX 500 W and 600 W power supplies have popular connectors for subassemblies (SATA, MOLEX, PCI-E 6-pin, PCI-E 6 + 2-pin, mini-MOLEX), which - together with attractive design - facilitate their installation in any inside the computer.