05 September 2018

The 80 PLUS® certificate for our product

Modern PC power supply designed for users who appreciate stable and efficient operation of components. Compatible with ATX 2.13, equipped with SATA, mini-MOLEX, MOLEX, PCI-E 6+2 pin, EPC 12V 4+4 pin and universal 20+4 pin for motherboard. Effective cooling is provided by 12 cm, silent fan with automatic RPM regulation. Power supply generates 350W sustained power output.

We are proud to announce Akyga AK-U4-350 power supply was certified with 80 PLUS® that states high efficiency of our product. By such distinction, user can be sure that at least 80% of generated energy is used to power the components and only 20% or less is lost in the form of heat. Advanced efficiency translate into less power consumption, providing high quality product that comply with modern standards.