16 December 2019

Akyga®, following technological development and the ever-growing group of electric vehicle users, has expanded its offer. It now contains professional equipment for charging electric cars, which once again shows brand's pro-ecological attitude. High quality Akyga® chargers and cables are now available for purchase with both the J1772 Type1 connector popular in the US and Asian regions, and Type2 widespread mainly in Europe. The products enable efficient and convenient charging of EV batteries using a home socket. Depending on the model, they inform the user about the current charging status of the vehicle using the display or LED controls. The chargers are equipped with a number of OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP and SCP protections, as well as protection against battery overheating. They are also characterized by high mechanical resistance.
Akyga® also offers the Type1 - Type2 adapter as solution to incompatibility of the charger and vehicle connector standard. The adapter will enable car owners with Type1 connectors to use any charging point for electric vehicles, which in the vast majority are equipped with Type2 standard connectors. Standard Type 2 is commonly called Mennekes Connector and takes its name from the company that created it.

More information about the products available in the offer can be found in the tab for electric car chargers.